About Heat Pumps

About Heat pumps

Heat pumps are suitable for both new construct and retrofit. They are a safe reliable and environmentally friendly method of heating characterised by low running costs

The system can get up to 80% of its energy free from the environment for free with the remaining 20% of energy coming from the electrical input to ran the compressor. All energy input to the system is rejected as heat and so there are no losses.

The heat energy stored in the ground, water or available from the air is made usable by heat pumps for both heating and hot water.

Climate Control are experts in the design, sizing, installation and servicing of heat pumps with two decades of experience to call on. With this experience and know how, energy efficient systems are guaranteed.

All heatpump systems are refrigeration systems.

They incorporate two cycles, a heating cycle and a cooling cycle. In order to produce heat they must retrieve low-level heat on the cooling cycle by means of a refrigerant gas, and then increase this heat through compression.

The compressed gas, which is hot, is then passed through a heat exchanger where it transfers its heat to water for either space heating or domestic hot water. The refrigerant gas then passes through an expansion valve where it drops in pressure and becomes extremely cold and travels on to collect low-level heat to complete the cycle.

The gas does not need replacing and simply circulates in the system indefinitely in this heating and cooling cycle.


Our Heat Pumps are among the most innovative and environmentally friendly available. We offer a wide range of Both Ground Source & Air Source Heat Pumps, Including Environmentally Friendly r290 Refrigerant Units

Our range of heat pumps include

  • Brine to Water
  • Water to Water
  • Air to Water
  • Exhaust Air Heat pumps
  • CO2 (high temperature heat pumps)
  • DHW heat pumps

Why Choose Climate Control?

Peace of mind

  • Design, installation and service all from one company
  • Two Decades of experience
  • Over 1000 installations completed
  • Personal contact during all phases of construction and after service
  • Punctuality
  • Support with Subsidies
  • Highest efficiencies and comfort

Back up

  • Our own team of refrigeration engineers
  • Full knowledge of water, electrical and refrigeration aspects to the heat pump
  • F-Gas certified
  • No 3rd party involvement required
  • Technologies with remote access available

Comfort and Control

  •  Consistent heating temperatures at low running costs
  • Possibility to cool your property passively
  • Quiet and reliable
  • Fresh water system to avoid legionella
  • PV integration to further reduce running costs
  • Remote access to control and monitor

Benefits of Geo-thermal:

  • Economical – provides operating cost savings of up to 80%
  • Earth Friendly – uses the renewable thermal energy of the earth
  • Comfortable – ideal for use with low temperature, high comfort systems, such as underfloor heating
  • Safe – no open flames, no fumes, no soot, no gas
  • Flexible – one single unit can control heating, cooling, and water heating
  • Dependable – contains few moving parts, therefore requiring little or no maintenance
  • Value – increases the value of your home along with decreasing your heating and cooling bill
  • Efficiency – as much as six times as efficient as conventional systems


Why Geothermal?

With rising energy costs and an ever-increasing environmental concern, the search for new energy forms is a vital concern. Geothermal systems are a means of producing energy that is both cost effective and environmentally friendly.


Heatpumps are the most efficient form of heating available, but not all heatpumps are equal. Most heatpumps are 400% efficient (COP 4), which means they produce 4 kilowatts of heat for every kilowatt off electricity used. Hot Gas Technology heatpumps are at least 30% more efficient than standard heat pumps, producing both hot water and space heating simultaneously. This is achieved when the high temperature gas leaving the compressor is used to heat your hot water tank before the heat is then sent to the space heating heat exchanger.

The next biggest factor in an efficient system is the underfloor heating system. Unless you have a well-designed underfloor heating system it will require hotter water, resulting in longer running times for the heatpump therefore more electrical consumption and a lower COP.

The Benefits to You and The Environment

Because of their very high efficiencies our range of heatpumps are extremely economical to run. These efficiencies contribute to both you and the environment. By reducing the electricity consumption, thereby reducing fuel costs and reducing CO2 emissions at the point of electricity production which benefits the environment.

R290 the Natural Refrigerant

R290, also known as CARE® 40, is refrigerant grade propane, a natural refrigerant suitable for use in a range of refrigeration and air conditioning applications. The use of R290 is increasing due to its low environmental impact and excellent thermodynamic performance. R290 has a extremely low Global Warming Potential (GWP) of 3 and an Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) of zero. Contact Us to discover more about our range of natural refrigerant technology heat pumps.

We are distributors in Ireland for Geothermal Heat Pumps.

Get in touch to enquire about any of our Heat Pump products or services.

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