Aerothemal Heating System

An aerothermal unit works by situating a unit outdoors, which incorporates a copper coil and a fan motor. Refrigerant gas is pumped through the coil at low temperature. Air is forced over the coil by the fan motor and energy (heat) is absorbed from the air by the refrigerant gas. The gas then travels back to the compressor where it is compressed and the temperature raised to a sufficient level to heat the water in the heating system or domestic hot water, without the need for a backup system
This unit can be installed practically anywhere, from the smallest back gardens to alleyways and even rooftops. Pictured is an outdoor unit.


  • D-A-CH certified
  • Internet connectable
  • Weather compensating technology as standard
  • Available from 6.8kw to 20.7kw
  • dsi-Technology
  • Uses refrigerant R410a, the most environmentally friendly refrigerant


  • Minimal space required to install
  • Exceptionally Quiet outdoor fan motor
  • No fuel storage required
  • Maintenance free operation
  • Suitable for all property types

Aerothermal Heat Pump Energy Flow

Basic Function of Aerothermal Heat Pump

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