Climate Control have over 20yrs experience in Air conditioning systems. We also offer a huge range of products for both domestic and commercial applications from the market leaders in their fields. We offer both gas and 2 or 4 pipe water based air conditioning system depending on preference.

We provide equipment from some of the top manufacturers in the field such as Daikin.

Our Team of refrigeration engineers will design and implement a system that suits your needs with efficiency, running cost and comfort to the fore in all our considerations.

Split Systems

Split systems are air conditioning systems that consist of one outdoor unit and from one to normally no more than 4 indoor units. Their compact size and versatility to heat and cool makes them a popular choice for 

  • Retail outlets
  • Small offices
  • Domestic homes
  • Public buildings

The units can provide heating or cooling but all indoor units must be set to the same function at any one time. Temperatures at each unit can vary however. They come in a large variety of units to suit different needs such as 4 way cassettes, wall mounted, floor mounted, ceiling concealed ducted units, underceiling single discharge etc

VRF- Variable refrigerant flow

VRF systems are generally used in larger installations where multiple indoor units are required (normally more than 10). 

A VRF system uses a common refrigerant circuit to feed all indoor units but each indoor unit is fed from a changover box and can receive either hot or cold gas meaning a unit can be switched to heating or cooling at any time. This versatility allows areas of the building that require cooling to transfer energy to areas of the building that require heating so a form of heat recovery is employed and performance is improved.

The system is versatile enough to include modules where small volumes of hot water can be produced also.

Hydronic Fan Coils

Climate Control are the Irish agents for Aertesi, an Italian manufacturer of hydronic fan coils. Hydronic fan coils use water as a heating or cooling medium rather than refrigerant gas, which is more environmentally friendly than refrigerant and more versatile as the system can be used alongside gas boiler systems, chillers and most excitingly heat pumps

This versatility also extends to the other systems it can use a common circuit with such as Air handling units, radiators, underfloor heating etc. This reduces the duplication needed in order to provide a full Climate management solution for a building and maximise heat recovery potential.

Aertesi have a full range of units to suits all applications

  • 4 way Cassetes
  • Wall mounted
  • Floor mounted
  • Slimline wall mounted
  • Low & High Static ducted
  • Low noise ducted

Their Low noise ducted units are specifically designed for installation in hotel bedrooms. They require only one grille and all servicing can be carried out through the grille meaning less builders works and access hatches to accommodate. They are also the most silent units on the market, important in such sensitive sleeping areas.

Climate Control are here to assit and advise you in the correct system for your requirements. 

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