Air Handling Units

Air Handling Units

Climate Control carries out design specification and installs Air Handling & Heat Recovery Units to suit a variety of commercial applications from 700m3/hr to 100,000m3/hr capacity. 

The AHU’s can be supplied and installed as standard modular AHU’s or compact AHU’s and can comprise of the following modules:

  • Hydronic Heating Coils
  • Hydronic Cooling Coils
  • DX Coils
  • Run Around Coils
  • De-humidification
  • Cross Flow Heat Exchangers
  • Counter Flow Heat Exchangers
  • Rotary Wheel Heat Exchangers
  • Humidity Control
  • Re-circulation Dampers
  • Electrically Commutated Direct Drive Fans
  • Variable Speed Drives
  • High Efficiency Insulated Panel Wall
  • Modbus/BMS Control System with Remote Access
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