Air to Water Heat Pumps

Air to Water (AIR SOURCE) Heatpumps

Air source heat pumps operate by absorbing energy from the outside air as it is drawn across a coil filled with a low temperature refrigerant gas. This gas is increased in pressure by a compressor which increases its temperature. The now hot gas is passed through a heat exchanger where it transfers its heat to water for either heating or hot water.

Air source heat pumps can be installed virtually anywhere and are quick and convenient to install. They offer retrofit homes the cheapest and least intrusive way to install heat pump technology and benefit from the low running costs.


Monobloc and Split Unit Heatpumps

There are two main types of Air-source unit, Monoblock and Split.

A split unit will be made of two parts, an indoor and an outdoor which are connected by copper pipes containing the refrigerant. Heat Energy is transferred between the outdoor and indoor units through these pipes.

A monoblock unit as the name suggests is an all in one unit. The energy is collected in the outdoor unit and is also transferred to the water at the outdoor unit. A high density insulated pipe then transfers the energy to the house.

The style of unit should be influenced by the application and positioning of the equipment. Let our team guide you as to the best unit for your application and you rest assured you are getting the best advice.

We supply and install a variety of heat pumps from IES and Daikin (see more below)

Heatpump Benefits

  • Heating & Hot Water
  • Easy to install almost anywhere
  • Great for retrofitting of older properties
  • Low running costs, reduce your heating and cooling costs!
  • Energy Efficient Units help reduce your carbon footprint with greener R32 gas
  • Flexible unit and size options to fit your home size
  • Control Individual Room Temperature
  • Monobloc and Split Units to fit your needs
  • Highly reliable brands, IES & Daikin

How can we help?


Get the best advice on the system that suits your home.

  • Monoblock or Split system
  • Multiple sizes and different capacities to suit most house types
  • Small installation footprint
  • Integrated hot water cylinder
  • R32 refrigerant
  • Internet/WiFi connectable
  • Night operation mode

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IES Thermax compact heat pump

About the IES Thermax


The IES Thermax is an advanced compact air to water heat pump.

Packed with advanced technologies with the unit such as modulating compressor control, Wi-Fi accessibility, active cooling and PV integration*.

Its large fan motor, vibration dampening feet and insulated components enclosure ensure that it is one of the quietest units on the market.

Its large evaporator area minimises defrosting requirements increasing system performance.

The 7” touch screen provides an elegant interface from which to control the unit. All functions are devised to be easily recognised and adjusted in order to create the most comfortable living environment.

Air source systems are a superb option for the retrofit market or where space or site conditions on a new build exclude the use of a ground source unit (hyperlink to ground source). An ideal replacement for a gas or oil boiler, you will benefit from lower running costs, cleaner air and ridding yourself of volatile fossil fuels. Combined with a IES WTT hot water unit the installation is simple and quick.

When run in conjunction with Solar PV energy savings can be dramatic and your future heating costs become more controlled and predictable.

The IES Thermax comes in 2 output capacities 4-12kW and 5-16kW, both available in single phase.

IES Thermax Features

Modulating Technology: The heat pump employs a modulating compressor which can ramp up and down in speed to match the demand required at any given time. This increases system efficiency and extends compressor life.

Wi-Fi Connectivity: The heat pumps 7” touch screen controller has integrated Wi-Fi connectivity, simplifying connection to your home network and allowing access via the IES Touch app.

PV integration (optional): The heat pump can be equipped with an energy meter which records when and how much excess power is available from a PV, wind turbine or hydro turbine and uses that information to change the characteristics of the controls to utilise as much free energy as possible. The energy can be used for heating, hot water or cooling functions.

Active cooling (optional): The heat pump can come factory equipped with a reversing valve which allows the system to cool your home via underfloor/wall heating or fan coils. The excess heat is then dispersed to the outside air.

2 output capacities : 4-12kW and 5-16kW, both available in single phase

Control on the Go : Touch Screen & Mobile App Control 

Air to Water Heatpumps

Daikin Altherma 3 Heat Pump

Daikin are a leading manufacturer of heating and ventilation equipment worldwide.

Their Altherma range of Air to water units are marketing leading. They produce a full range of monoblock and split units from 4kw to 16kw, all with modulation technology to maximise performance as the seasons change and can operate down to -20C.

The split system indoor units come with an internal Stainless Steel tank of either 260L or 180L capacity.

The new Altherma 3 units use one of the latest environmentally friendly refrigerants with low GWP (Global warming potential) and Zero ODP (Ozone depletion potential).

The updated user interface makes setting up and controlling the unit extremely simple and the system can be connected to the internet by LAN cable.

Daikin Altherma 3 Features

Variable capacity available in 4kw to 16kw to suit diferent home environments

Performance through the seasons – can handle extreme cold down to -20c

Environmentally Friendly – utilises greener refrigerant gas with lower GWP and Zero ODP

Ease of use – Great new UI makes control simple and intuitive

Internet connectivity – can be connected to your internet via LAN for remote control/monitoring

Dual Capacity Units – internal Stainless Steel tank of either 260L or 180L capacity to suit your hot water requirements

Daikin Altherma 3

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