Heat pumps offer the possibility of recovering waste energy from a myriad of sources. In many businesses large amount of energy is dumped as a by product of producing the main product or service. Heat pumps can collect this energy and recycle it to be reused in the process again or for heating other areas or processes. This has the potential to drastically reduce your running costs.


Heat pumps produce a heating and cooling load simultaneously and if there is potential to use both on site then the performance of the system can be almost doubled.

An example of this would be the dairy industry where milk needs to be cooled but also heat is needed for the pasteurisation or washdown process. A heat pump can provide both from a single electrical input and produce up to 10Kw of heat per 1Kw electrical input.

how suitable is it for our requirements?

We can provide heat pumps with capacities from 3kW to 5MW and with temperature outputs of up to 120C.

This means the requirements of most industries can be met.

Industries we cater for

  • Hospitality
  • Retail
  • Manufacturing
  • Leisure
  • Dairy
  • Agriculture
  • Engineering
  • Health
  • Data Centres

    and many more!

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Reduce your energy costs

In the drive for businesses to reduce their carbon footprint and reduce energy costs, Heat pumps are one of the best technologies to deliver on both fronts.

Heat pumps consume up to 80% less energy than they deliver and are therefore ideally suited to reducing energy costs.

PV Solar Integration

Heat pumps can integrate with a Solar PV array, wind turbines or hydroelectric power to utilise as much of the free electrical power as possible, therefore reducing your running costs further

How can we help?

Climate Control are one of the most experienced providers in the market having provided heat pumps to various industries such as Logistics, Manufacturing, Retail, leisure and hospitality. With capacities of over 500kW. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.

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