Commercial Underfloor heating Project

Large Commercial UFH Project – Kildare


  • 2,500m2 UFH system installed to building Grandstand & Foyer
  • High temperature UFH system installed at 200mm pipe centres
  • UFH Manifolds including circ pump mixing sets and floor screed thermostats
  • Designed and Installed within budget and on schedule by Climate Control in 2018

Underfloor Heating Features

  • Perfect Comfort – with warmer feet and a cooler head, you’ll feel the perfect temperature!
  • Works with most types of floor covering (wood, tiling, vinyl etc)
  • Can be fitted on joisted floors
  • Low running costs, reduce your heating and cooling costs!
  • Energy Efficient Units help reduce your carbon footprint
  • Flexible unit and size options to fit your commercial unit size
  • Integrates perfectly with our heat pump solutions
  • Beautifully unobtrusive!
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