Direct Evaporating

Direct Evaporating Heat Pump

A direct evaporating heat pump works by laying circuits of piping in the earth at a depth of approx. 1m. Through these pipes a refrigerant gas is circulated. The refrigerant absorbs heat from the ground and carries it back to the compressor in the heat pump. This gas is then boosted in pressure by the compressor and consequently, temperature. It is then passed by the water that requires heating.


  • COP 5.6 ( 5.6kw output per one kwh input)
  • D-A-CH certified
  • Internet connectable
  • Weather compensating technology as standard
  • Available from 6.8kw to 34.4kw
  • dsi-Technology
  • Uses refrigerant R410a, the most environmentally friendly refrigerant


  • Lowest operating costs
  • Highest CO2 – economy potential
  • Best Price to Performance
  • Space saving design
  • Long life components
  • Low service amd maintenance
  • No fuel storage required

Why use Direct Evaporating Heat Pump:

The refrigerant gas in a direct evaporating system, is forced out and drawn back by the compressor, which eliminates the requirement for a circulating pump as is required with a horizontal brine/antifreeze filled system, which results in a more efficient system. Also, because the heat is drawn directly from the earth into the heat pump it eliminates the loss of energy that occurs while transferring the energy from the antifreeze solution to the refrigerant gas.
The direct evaporating heta pump is an exceptionally efficient unit producing 5.6kw of heat per one Kwh electricity input. This system is suitable for new builds or retrofits where there is an area around the house, at least the equivalent to the floor area of the house, in which to lay the collector pipes.
This pump will take care of all your space heating and domestic hot water requirements, without the need for a backup system.

Direct Evaporating Heat Pump Energy Flow

Basic Function of Direct Evaporating Heat Pump

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