Dry Wall Heating Systems

Dry Wall Heating Systems

Dry wall heating systems, are fermacell (a type of high quality plaster board ) panel incorporating a plastic pipe which is prefabricated and made to several different sizes. This panel is attached to wooden battons on outside walls in the same manner as a normal plasterboard would be. The panels can then be skimcoated with plaster.

These panels area available with two different pipe dimensions, 8mm and 12mm. The panels are 15 and 18mm thick respectively


The dry wall system heating panels are fastened to the sub-structure of wood or metail. The plain panel side is mounted towards the room, so additional plastering work in reqired. The connection of the panels with each other is carried out via an adhesive joint or via a smoothing cement filling.


  • Low operating temperatures
  • Compatible with heat pump systems
  • Ideal in upstairs areas where weight of underfloor systems are an issue
  • Completely hidden leaving you free to decorate
  • Uniform even heat throughout the room

Wall Heating panel WPI 8

These are plaster panels with integrated polybutene pipes of different dimensions, which allow for a range of mounting possibilities

Wall Heating panel WP 8

The standard dimension of this panel can be cut to individually necessary dimensions.

Wall Heating Panel WPI 12

Plaster panels with a thickness of 18mm (a thicker panel than the WPI 8 or WP 8). Again this panel is available in different dimensions offering mounting options. With this panel the single registers can be connected with each other using press couplings and with coupling adapters can be connected directly to the manifold.

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