Gabo-Tac Underfloor Heating

Gabo-TAC is the system most widely used by Climate Control in our installations. It consists of a 25mm insulated mat with a plastic upper sheet. The upper sheet is grided which acts as a guideline when laying the piping, ensuring all circuits maintain an equal spacing.
The piping is stapled to the mat which allows for much tighter spacings, which means lower water temperatures are required to generate the same amount of heat as systems with wider spaces between the pipes and higher flow temperatures. This is particularly significant where installing a heatpump as it results in much lower running costs and longer system life.
The Gabo-TAC mat is usually laid over additional insulation, i.e 25mm or 50mm Kingspan or equivalent. The mat is taped at all joints which eliminates the possibility of bridging, where the screed contacts the subfloor through gaps in the insulation, causing heat loss.

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