Groundsource Heat Pumps

efficient, reliable, weather resistant

We provide the following types of groundsource pumps, Brine to Water and Air to Water. Read more about the benefits and suitability of each type below, or contact us with any questions you may have about your own requirements.

Water to Water Heat Pumps

How it works.

A Water to Water heat pump is ideally suitable if there is groundwater close to the surface on your property, due to it’s low initial installation costs and high efficiency running.

The system works by drawing water from the ground, similar to the way it is removed from a well, and passing this water through the heatpump. Energy (heat) is absorbed from the water and the water is returned to the ground via a second bore/well. This pump is suitable for all types of properties where ground and water conditions are suitable. The water to water heat pump will take care of all your space heating and Domestic hot water requirements, without the need for a backup system



  • EN certified
  • COP 6.5
  • Internet connectable
  • Weather compensating technology as standard
  • Available from 7kw to 49kw
  • dsi-Technology
  • Uses refrigerant R410a, the most environmentally friendly refrigerant


  • Highest efficiency of all heatpumps
  • Minimal space required to install
  • No fuel storage required
  • Maintenance free operation
  • Can be used on all types of properties

Brine to Water Heat Pumps

Ovum Heatpumps
GEO-TEC heat pumps
Daikin GS Heatpumps


A Brine to Water system uses a refrigerated antifreeze solution (brine), pumped through plastic piping circuits in a vertical borehole or horizontal collector. This solution retrieves energy as it travels and eventually transfers this heat to the heat pump upon its return.

There are two types of brine collector, Vertical and Horizontal. A vertical system involves drilling a bore about 130mm across and placing a probe with u-bend which the brine solution circulates and picks up energy from the surrounding rock.

A Horizontal system requires an area to be excavated to about 800mm deep in which pipes are laid and connected to a manifold. The brine solution again circulates in this array and collects energy from the soil.

A Brine to Water system is extremely efficient as the ground temperature is consistent regardless of weather. Brine to Water systems also have a very long lifespan.


The Ovum NHWP is an Austrian made heat pump that is unique on the market. It has many features that may be available on different types of heat pump but not seen in one unit.

The Heat pump comes in two sizes 2 – 9kw modulating and 3 – 15kw modulating which covers almost any house size.

The NHWP heats, cools and produces hot water, acts as an energy store for excess PV energy, it can even control your ventilation system through its intelligent controller.

The features include

  • Fresh water system
  • Hot gas technology
  • Constant Hot water technology
  • PV integration
  • Thermosafe technology
  • Passive cooling (optional)

Fresh water system: Hot water is produced via a fresh water heat exchanger which has a number of advantages over taking water directly through a tank. First the hot water is heated on demand which means you have Fresh hot water coming to your taps. This also avoids any issues with Legionella breeding in the water and requiring heating by back up immersion heaters. Finally the tank is protected from impurities in the water such as lime which can compromise performance or even result in a the system requiring replacement

Hot Gas technology: Ovum have developed one of the only domestic heat pumps utilising hot gas technology. The hottest gas leaving the compressor is used to heat hot water while the cooler gas produces water for heating. This means the system rarely enters hot water mode except for summer and therefore produces hot water at the same performance as heating (up to 34% more efficient)

Constant hot water technology: The NHWP unit contains either a 490L (9kw unit) or 670L (15kw unit) hot water tank. The tank is equipped with two sensors which allows you to vary the amount of hot water stored at any one time. When PV power is available, the heat pump will use this renewable energy and produce an entire tank of hot water for free.

PV technology: Where PV or wind energy is installed in a home, the Ovum heat pump recognises if any surplus energy is returning to the grid. It will then utilise this power by turning itself on to increase the hot water tempera- ture or even the floor temperature in cooler weather. The system is the equivalent of installing 8kWhrs of battery storage or 20kw thermal storage.

Thermosafe insulation: the entire heat pump and tank is enclosed in a highly insulated layer that has allows up to 50% standing losses than most conventional systems.

Passive Cooling: The Ovum heat pump has the ability to passively cool your house in the summer using only the natural cooling ability of the ground meaning the costs to cool are negligible. The system can provide cooling through either your underfloor heating system or your ventilation system.

Live COP: The Ovum heat pump calculates its performance constantly and gives a live readout of the performance that can be viewed in the display. Peace of mind that the unit is performing as it should.



GEO-TEC produce a comprehensive range of ground source heat pumps ranging from 3kw to 250kw

The units include all circulation pumps and expansion vessels required for the system to operate in one compact unit.

The units also come with a comprehensive controls package where all aspects of the system can be accessed and monitored from the controller and remotely online. This makes control of the units very simple for the end user and also service friendly as our technicians monitor the unit from our office should any issue occur.

The units have very impressive COP’s of up to 4.9 (B0/W35).

  • Large range to suit all house sizes
  • Integrated solutions with pumps and expansions vessels included
  • Variable speed pumps
  • Internet Control and graphical room thermostats
  • High COP
  • Comprehensive product warranties up to 7yrs
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