Hot Water Heat Pumps

Hot Water Heat Pumps

In situations where a heatpump is required for domestic hot water only, Climate Control have a hot water heatpump for this purpose. Using either an underfloor heating water circuit or exhaust air as an energy source, this heatpump will prepare hot water for a family of up to five people. The unit has an inbuilt cylinder and can be placed almost anywhere in a new or existing home, requiring only a plug top to power the unit. Fresh water is heated to 65 degrees celcius and stored for household use.

Exhaust Air DHW Heat Pumps

Warm moist air is extracted from wet rooms and this energy is recovered by the heat pump unit to produce and store hot water throughout the day. These units also provide ventilation for your home keeping your home moisture and mold free.

Water to Water DHW Heat Pumps

Energy is from warm water is taken from an existing underfloor heating circuit to produce 65 degree water by the heat pump unit. A water to water heat pump system has the best performing Coefficient of Performance (COP) available with the lowest running costs. These units are ideal where getting pipework from a heat pump to a replacement cylinder is difficult or not possible. They also work perfectly with monoblock heat pumps.

Hot Water Heat Pump Advantages

  • Extremely simple installation
  • Constant hot water
  • Exceptionally quiet operation
  • Available in 100L, 180L, 270L, 310L and 400L versions
  • Can be located in a Hot Press, Utility or Services Room
  • Smart Grid Ready
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