Industrial Air To Water Heat Pumps

Enerblue Purple (R290)

Enerblue Purple HP

  • 25kW up to 130kW Units
  • Axial EC Fans Available
  • R290 (Propane) Natural Refrigerant with a Global Warming Potential of Zero
  • Minimal R290 Refrigerant Required – Max 4.5kg for 130kW
  • Dual Circuit Twin Compressor System
  • COP up to 3.75 at (A7/W45)
  • Reversible Cooling Option
  • Can Cascade up to 6 units
  • ATEX Rated

Benefits of Natural Refrigerant R290
In comparison with R410a refrigerant which has a Global Warming Potential of 2,088, R290 Refrigerant (Propane) is a natural refrigerant with a GWP of 3. A refrigerant that has a GWP of 700 times less than R410A is certainly a refrigerant of the future. It is also one of the most efficient refrigerants with a capacity similar to the now defunct R22. The units have an extremely low charge, typically 1/10 of that of a heat pump of similar capacity.

Enerblue Purple FC Chiller

We also supply a range of Enerblue Chillers with Free Cooling function.
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Enerblue Orange (R410a)

High Efficiency Air Source Heat Pumps

  • Heating capacity starting from  7KW up to 75KW.
  • Water up to 60°C
  • Extended limits function and capacity range
  • Automatic domestic hot water management
  • Smart defrost management
  • COP up to 4.35 (A7/W35)
  • Axial EC Fans Available
  • Reversible Cooling Optional
  • ATEX Rated

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Enerblue Black (R134a)

High Temperature Heat Pumps

  • Heating capacity from 35KW to 240KW
  • Hot water production up to 80 ° C, as HT version (Class A)
  • Extended operating limits down to -20 ° C (HT version) with reciprocating BITZER compressor
  • COP up to 2.06 (A7/W75)
  • Conceived and designed to separate circuits to improve reliability over time
  • Defrost intelligent, condensing coil with fin spacing and increased subcooling circuit
  • Possibility of connection via web for the remote monitoring
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