Solar PV Systems

An Ecologically and Economically sound investment

Photovoltaics systems produce electrical energy from sunlight. They provide an environmentally friendly, sensible and profitable method of reducing your dependency on the grid and on fossil fuels.

When combined with PV ready heat pumps the return on investment is quick and impressive.

Climate Control use some of the top brands on the market to provide long lasting and high performance solution. Become self sufficient today by installing a long lasting and low maintenance solution that insulates you from rising energy costs.

For further information on PV Panels, Inverters and Battery Storage contact us for a free Solar PV quotation. 

Why Climate Control?

Specialists in Renewable energies

Experienced consultants and installation technicians

Everything from one company

Planning, installation, assistance with grant application, electrical connection, commissioning

Highest possible efficiency

High Quality components, optimal design, High installation quality

Efficient combination

Combined with a PV ready heat pump system from Climate Control your return on investment will be swift. 

Top Quality Components

Solar Panels

Solarwatt are a German manufacturer of high quality Solar panels. They manufacture the unique glass/glass panel as opposed to the traditional glass/foil. .  This means

  • Better efficiency
  • Longer life
  • Stronger
  • Less prone to deformation
  • Salt Mist resistant
  • Hail resistant

The panels are made of high efficiency monocrystalline cells

The panels come with a 

  • 30yr product warranty
  • 30yr performance warranty
  • 5yrs theft and breakage Insurance included panels 


Peimar are an Italian manufacturer of PV panels.

  • Panels up to 310w output
  • High performance yield
  • Outstanding in low light conditions
  • 20yr Manufacturers Warranty
  • 30yr Linear Power Warranty
  • Hail Storm Resistant
  • Anti-Reflective Glass
  • Poly and Mono-crystalline modules available


Fronius is an Austrian manufacturer of high quality inverter modules. They began focusing on Renewable energy, particularly Solar PV in 1992 and have gone on to become the most recognised and respected name in the industry. They manufacture inverters for the domestic and commercial sector.

An inverter changes the power your panels produce from DC to AC. The better the inverter the better the conversion rate. As conditions change so does the output from your panels and your inverter must be able to optimise its performance over a large range of conditions.

Your advantages with Fronius are

  • State of the art technology
  • Hisgest reliability
  • Highest efficiency – Fronius inverters can achieve over 98% efficiency
  • Back up and support
  • Weather proof – Fronius inverters can be mounted externally
  • Company strength
  • Easy seviceability 
  • Smart grid ready
  • Highest safety levels

Growatt are one of the largest manufacturers of inverter technology in the world.

Competitive prices, reliable performance and high efficiencies have seen them become one of the leading brands on the market.

Inverter sizes range from 1.5kwh to 500kwh with efficiencies of as high as 97%.


Solarwatt MyReserve – The Solatwatt myReserve is a modular battery storage system that comes in 2.4kwh increments up to a maximum of 6 modules (14.4kwh) per command module. The modules are stacked and can be added to at any time to increase the capacity of the system. 

The intelligent control system ensures the batteries are only reaching peak charge just before they are due to begin discharge. This ensures your batteries have the longest service life possible whilst also allowing power be used by other energy saving devices like diverters or PV ready heat pumps.

The environmentally friendly construction allows the battery to be broken down to its component parts at the end of its lifecycle for recycling.

PYLONTECH have produced more than 1.3Gwh of batteries since their establishment in 2009.

They specialise is battery production and energy storage for residential and commercial applications.

  • Each cell contains 2.4kwh’s of energy with 2.2kwh useable energy
  • Compatible with a wide range of inverters
  •  Up to 6000 charge and discharge cycles
  • Up to 6 modules connected (14.8kwh)
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