Swimming Pool AHU

Swimming Pool Energy Efficiency

Climate Control implements the following energy efficiencies for pool air handling system:

Full Humidity Control: When you control the pool air humidity you control the amount of energy required to heat the incoming fresh air. With humidity control technology your pool AHU running costs are reduced, user comfort levels are increased and the building fabric is protected from humidity degradation.

Pool Heat Recovery: Climate Control ensures that all pool AHU’s supplied are fit for purpose with the highest heat transfer efficiency possible and are protected against chlorine corrosion.

Air Recirculation: Supplying 100% fresh air to the pool area is not required and results in higher heat losses and higher energy bills for the building owner. At different times of the day, 30% to 90% of the heated pool are can be recirculated back into the pool area by a computer control recirculation damper. This results in significant thermal energy savings which can be monitored and controlled via your BMS controller.

VSD EC Fans: Variable Speed Drive Electrically Commutated Fans are more efficient to run and can vary there speed to match the duty required in real time. Compared to standard belt driven fans, modern direct drive EC fans provide thousands of euro in electrical energy savings per annum.

Night Time Set Back: When the pool is not in use at night a larger percentage of pool air can be recirculated cutting down on heating costs. Additionally fans speeds can be reduced at night which will result in further electrical energy savings.

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