Heat Recovery Ventilation

As houses become more airtight the need to ventilate them correctly increases. A poorly ventilated home will have issues with moisture and mould as well as a general feeling of stuffiness in the air itself.

Of course windows can be opened or traditional vents placed in walls but this would negate the effects of the airtightness measures which were implemented. 

In order to benefit from the airtightness measures and keep your house feeling fresh it is important to consider investing in a mechanical ventilation system such as heat recovery. A heat recovery system extracts air from wetrooms and supplies fresh air to dry rooms such as living and bedrooms. The extracted warm moist air is passed by the incoming cooler air in a heat exchanger. The two airflows do not touch but do exchange heat. The outgoing air cools and the incoming air heats to a temperature close to that of the air within the heated space. This reduces the requirement to heat the new fresh air up to temperature and keeps running costs low.

The incoming air is also filtered to remove contaminants such as soot, fumes, insects etc. meaning clean fresh air is available throughout the house at all times. 

Exhaust Air Hot water heat pumps

Where high levels of air tightness are not available or desired Exhaust air hot water heat pumps are provide an excellent alternative to heat recovery in order to ventilate your home.

Exhaust air heat pumps extract air from a duct connected to all your homes wet rooms. Fresh air enters the house through window or wall vents in order to replace the extracted air providing the ventilation required to keep your home fresh and removing moisture.

The extracted air is passed through a heat pump system mounted on a hot water cylinder. The heat pump extracts the energy from the warm moist air and uses the energy to heat your water up to as much as 65C. Therefore the energy losses to your home are replaced in the form of cheap hot water offsetting any additional heating costs that you may have.

The unit can be connected to a humidity stat in order to ventilate the home at the required rate and avoid over ventilating and unnecessary heat loss.


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