Wall Heating Systems

Wall Heating Systems

Feeling completely confortable means being surrounded by warm surfaces – this is basic description of wall heating. Heating of large surfaces offers radiat heat in the entire room, as compared to conventional heating systes, which heat at one point. Wall heating is healthier, as the fluffs of air and dust; common with radiators; do not exist – reducing allergic reactions. Contrary to the prevailing opinion wall heating surfaces can be used for picture, racks etc – it does not effect your freedom to decorate your home as you would wish. This is due to the fact that the wall heating is normally laid on the exterior wall, leaving the interior walls free for decoration.

gabowall – ecologically friendly

Wall heating systems work as floor heating systems with low flow temperatures and are therefore presdestinated for regenerative energy systems such as heat pumps, condensing boiler systems, solar energy, etc. These rregenerative energy systems fulfil the requirements of the energy saving regulation (EnEV) to an extremely high degree. A further energy saving effect is achieved due to the lower room temperatures (19-20C), while still maintaining a high degree of cosiness.

While we would recommend insulation of a gabofloor heating system, with your gabowall heating system, it is not absolutely necessary. Both system compliment each other, due to the short response time (heating up period of approx. 8 minutes) of the wall heating system, a combination with the floor heating heating covers the economic and effective heating of each room, and as a result of the same operating temperature both systems can be combined without any problems (possibility to connect to a manifold)

Heating and cooling in one system

Due to the arrangement of the polybutene pipes directly under the wall surface, the temperature of the wall surface can not only be heated up, but also cooled down.

There is gabowall system suitable for all building types

  • prefabricated houses
  • low-energy houses
  • renovation of old buildings
  • converting of attics
  • modern construction
  • listed buildings

Control System

The control of the gabowall heating system is carried out by the gabotherm thermostats, which, depending on the chosen room temperature, open or close the servomotors at the manifold. The connection of the gabowall heating system is carried out at a gabotherm manifold with a flow meter to adjust the water quantity. The manifold is available in the dimensions of 2-12 outlets.

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