Wet Systems

Wet Wall Heating Systems

Wet wall heating systems involve placing small diameter plastic piping on your outer walls and then plastering over these pipes there are two diameters of pipe available, 8mm and 12mm. The entire thickness of plaster and pipes would be in the region of 20-26mm depending on the pipe used.
The piping covers all of the wall area avoiding windows and plug sockets etc. and acts as a giant radiator. This allows the temperature water required to heat the room be as low as 25 degrees. This makes wall heating ideal for renewable energy systems such as heat pumps. Wall heating is advantageous in situations where quick reaction times are required from the heating system or where it is not possible to use screed in an upstairs area, such as joisted floors.


  • Low operating temperatures
  • Compatible with heat pump systems
  • Ideal in upstairs areas where weight of underfloor systems are an issue
  • Completely hidden leaving you free to decorate
  • Uniform even heat throughout the room

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